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We train storytellers, strategic thinkers, and compelling communicators to solve environmental problems through creativity, media, and inspired outreach.


  • Solve environmental problems through strategic communication

  • Train environmental professionals to communicate effectively

  • Enhance social justice & diversity through communication

  • Create story-based strategies informed by in-depth audience research

  • Design & conduct media impact studies

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Bren Comm is an academic program at the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management at UC Santa Barbara. Training is open to graduate students in the Bren School, though many workshops and events are open to the campus and local community. If you want to join the Bren Comm community, apply to the Bren School!

Why Bren Comm?

One-of-a-kind: We are the only program that provides training in applied communication theory and practice combined with an environmental science and management degree.

Competitiveness: You will be prepared to achieve your goals no matter what communication skills are the top priority for employers. Communication and media skills will give you a competitive advantage.


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